Monday, July 28, 2008

Romance is in the air

This week has been exciting as Brandon (age 6) got proposed to by his cousin and Creighton (age 4) kissed two different girls on the same day!
Brandon's cousin from Seattle came this week, and when they got ready to leave she said, "Since you are the boyfriend and I am the girlfriend, we are going to be married, Ok!"
That will make for some interesting granchildren.
Then Creighton and Brandon came home from a friends house and Brandon told me that Creighton had kissed Livy when he was over there and he was kissing Hattie on the trampoline right now. (see Creighton and Hattie in previous blog!)
So, I look out and sure enough, they said to each, "Let's kiss!" and then they did.
I guess I should just enjoy it when it is cute and funny right now, and I'm not stressing out about what my teenage boys are doing!


  1. Gotta love little kid romances--I still remember that I kissed the Sorenson kid on the swingset and when I told Kaylynn she got really mad at me and told me that Rachelle hadn't even kissed anyone yet!

  2. Your boys don't stay at first base too long, do they? Just kidding. This post makes me wonder if my kids are out there kissing? I guess I'd better start asking.

  3. That is so cute. Love how little kids pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend. It's so cute.

  4. Ha ha! Yes, I had to talk to my K kids about how there is no kissing at school several times. It's so funny how kids just all the sudden start getting into that!


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