Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blog help!

I'm new to this. 1)Who can tell me how to change the ugly green to something cute?
2) Is there a better time to upload photos so it doesn't take three years?


  1. Congrats on the new blog! Sorry, I can't help you with your questions. I don't have a blog yet, but I should start one sometime... Also, congrats on the basement. It's looking good. Good luck with the finishing touches!

  2. Hey Julie--
    If you go to they have really cute blog backgrounds and give you instructions on how to use them.
    Sometimes uploading photos takes three years, and the next take 3 minutes. I haven't found any rhyme or reason to it! I love people who blog! Everyone should do it---because then we all keep up on each other's lives.
    My blog address is

  3. there is another blog site that I use. It is called If you need me to help you figure it out--I can com over and show you. Our blog address is Happy Blogging!!

  4. Hooray for the new blog. It's so exciting. It will be fun to catch up with things that are going on in your life. I'm glad you joined the blog world!


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