Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Creighton's Sweet Heart

Creighton was born with a tender heart. (You may not know it if you see him tired or embarassed, but he does.)

When he was 20 months old and big brother, I was downstairs and Tyce was crying. He would get so stressed out, and all he could do was try and rub his head on Tyce's tummy to try to comfort him.

Anyway, he has a sort of fascination with babies. He loves baby characters on movies and loves when babies try to talk. That is hilarious.
Diapers--don't even get him started! There is nothing funnier.
Anyway, yesterday we were watching Oprah (don't mock-it was an uplifting one about children who suffered a lot and then overcame their obstacles). There was a little boy with no feet, and he was walking with his artificial feet. We DVR'd it so we had to watch it over and over again.
There was also a little girl born with fused legs, and he was very curious why that would happen. We explained that sometimes babies don't grow they way that they should in their moms tummy.
His little eyes were close to tears and he said, "I hope that doesn't happen to our baby."
"Were my legs like that when I was a baby?"
After big hugs, we reassured that everything was going to be fine, and that we could pray that our baby would be healthy and strong.
I'm excited to have a little bit "older" kids for the pregnancy as they will be excited to feel the baby move, etc.


  1. So sweet! What a cute little guy.

  2. That is sooooo sweet! Jesse was 5 while I was prego with Abbie and all he ever wanted to do is hold my belly and feel the movement and talk to her. He has always had a tender spot for babies too, which is always sweet to watch.

  3. That is really sweet. There's nothing more precious than when your own kids are so kind and loving toward eachother!


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