Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The gift-wrapping talent skips a generation

So today Creighton notices that I have a Birthday present (in a gift-bag of course) sitting on the counter for my nephew Tanner's birthday party.

Later he has disappeared downstairs only to come up every once in a while to ask for tape/scissors etc.

Finally, he shows me that he has wrapped Tanner a present!

To me, this is miraculous not only because he is 4 and male, but because this gene definitely must skip a generation. In my house around birthday time, you got your gifts presented in the nicest Wal-mart bag, or the nearest jacket or blanket.

Then I met my mother-in-law. Gift-wrapping is her passion. She wrapped Tristan's presents for me in the most fancy wrapping I had ever received. She spends days wrapping around Christmas time and all year collecting paper and bows.

I just don't have the patience to put a lot of time into things that don't last long. (Ie.. wrapping and cake decorating). So, I definitely think Creighton got this from Grandma.
Maybe I can hire him for Christmas.


  1. He did a great job. I hate wrapping too! My sister always wraped everything so fancy so does Bills mom. I dread Christmas because of the wrapping!

  2. How cute! I am the worst gift wrapper ever!!!

  3. That is cute! I actually don't mind wrapping. My mom is the Wrapping Queen at Christmas. Every present has a huge hand tied bow. I don't know that I am quite that good.

  4. This is a funny post. I love how Mitch's mom puts all this effort into wrapping things fancy at christmas. She uses all the really shiny paper and fancy ribbon bows. Underneath her tree everything looks so nice. I don't like to spend the money or time on it either.....but because of her I have taken my wrapping at christmas up a notch because I like how it looks. Congrats on the new baby. Let me know if you decide to go with Huggins.


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