Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Photo Tag

I wasn't officially tagged, but saw it on Krista's blog and thought it was a cute idea. You are supposed to look in your photos on your computer and post your 4th photo in your 4th folder and tell what is going on in that picture.

This is a picture of Tyce at his 1st Birthday party. He wasn't quite sure about the crowd and kept trying to get into Tristan's lap. I remember being glad he was having his 1st Birthday during tax season and not being born at the first of tax season.

For having a bit of a rough go in communication, Tyce is trying really hard to talk and is (most of the time) really easy going now. Even now that his mom spends a lot more time on the couch than any of us would like her too! Love ya little guy!

Does anyone have any tips for making indoor, nighttime photos look more clear?

I tag Tammie, Sharon, and Marci and anyone else who wants to play.


  1. Looks like Tyce made a haul on his 1st birthday. I think it's overwhelming for little kids. Kambria just wanted to play with the first thing she opened and got mad when we kept making her open other things. It was kind of funny.

  2. That is quite a haul.
    I know I wasn't officially tagged, but I think I'll play too. That's kind of a cool idea.


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