Sunday, October 5, 2008

Things I know today

1) Life is precious. Just a few short months ago, our Relief Society president was very healthy. Then she got sick and passed away 2 days ago. I've learned from her that you can be classy and dignified until the end. She reminded me of Hailey Mills. I'm glad that I knew her the short while that I did. She was a great example to me.

2) I'm grateful for my sisters. Today is Jeanette's birthday. I'm not the best at remembering Birthdays, and I get busy and don't stay as close as I should. Jeanette is also a great example to me. She chooses to live life to the fullest. She always opens her home with open arms when we come through Utah. Happy Birthday Jeanette. Each of my sisters is unique and I love them all.

3) The 1st Presidency and 12 apostles are truly inspired. You know when you have 1 child asking you a question and the other two wrestling on the floor during a talk, but you still feel the spirit and say to yourself, "I've got to re-read this talk, this is amazing.", that they are truly inspired men.

4) Heavenly Fathers plan of happiness truly does involve families. In the paper today was an article about how gay seniors don't have any family or children to care for them and many are all alone. We aren't meant to be alone. We are meant to be surrounded by family, even if they are already passed on. They are still there for you. Even if every moment isn't glamourous, families are forever.

This is what I know today.


  1. I read in the paper this morning that sister browning died. I was so stunned. It happened so quickly.
    I know what you mean about conference and kids. Its amazing you can get anything out of it and yet I felt the spirit very strong the last two days.

  2. Such a wonderful post Julie. Sorry to hear about your RS President. What a shocker. Conference was great wasn't it?

  3. I loved this post. I know how you feel about your sisters. Sisters are the best friends. Thanks for your thoughts.

  4. I just heard about Leone last night in an e-mail to the Elders. What a sad shock. That was so fast. She was such a great woman. Serving and thinking of others till the very end even in all that pain.


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