Saturday, October 25, 2008

Family, what would we do without them?

I grew up with cousins from Maryland to California, and grandparents in Utah and California. The closest cousins we have are in Boise, whom we usually only see in weddings.

Therefore, growing up we didn't have a lot of time spent with these extended families. My kids probably see their grandparents more times in a year than I did my whole youth. At holidays, it was always just my family. Which I loved and didn't know any better.

But now raising my kids in a town with two of Tristan's brothers, both sets of grandparents, and two great-grandmas, I really appreciate being around family and having them here for holidays.

A couple of weeks ago, Pam and Trent hosted a Halloween party complete with ooey gooey body parts and a mummy contest. Then they had every candy possible to decorate cakes and cookies to their hearts content.
Then last night, we had a party, and we asked my in-laws to watch them. Not only did they babysit them, but they had them spend the night and had a ginger-bread Haunted House all ready to decorate, Max and Ruby Halloween DVD (their favorite show!), and Halloween stickers.
They loved it!
I also appreciate all of my friends and family who has watched my kids while I've been feeling crappy. My mom has spent many hours with them, taking them to play in the leaves, etc.
On Friday, they spent and few hours at the Hermansons, then a few hours at the Bells, and then they went to Grandma's house. Thanks for the life-saving hours!


  1. I concur about the family thing...we never had cousins but I want my kids to have cousin fun and know their grandparents----which is why we are excited to move back next August!

  2. i'm a bit jealous of you having so much family around...wasn't it the pits that we didn't all live closer growing up? being in rhode island we are very far from any family...but, we appreciate them that much more i suppose.


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