Monday, October 27, 2008

Topping Karen's apple story....

So, you thought having spit out apples all of your house was bad?
Try this.
So, it's 3:00, about the time I start feeling like a human being for the day. The kids had
actually been pretty self-entertaining (I even took a small nap without turning on the TV).
So, I was starting to put my house back together when Creighton says, "Mom, look what Tyce is doing!"
I look over and Tyce has found a pee diaper and has emptied out the entire contents all over the family room and dining room.
Maybe he's giving Josh and run for his money! Arghhh!


  1. oh yeah...congratulations on your pregnancy! i'm so happy for you. i'll keep coming back to see how you're doing!


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