Monday, September 29, 2008

It's upside-down six-three-eight-- can I go now?

This morning at 8:15 I was in the shower and Creighton came in and said, "It's 5-1-8 on the counter clock, can I go to preschool now?"
Then I got an update every minute on what time it is.
"It's upside down six-three-eight-- can I go now?"
8:47 "Why do the other kids get a shorter minute than me? They are already at preschool. They beat me every day."
Me-"Go look and see if there are any cars. All the kids go to preschool at the same time."
Creighton, "Is after this number preschool?"
"Is it time to go now?"
"How come the clock on your bed has the same numbers as the clock on the counter?"
Finally! 7-5-8! Time to go to preschool!


  1. That is the cutest little conversation, I love the cute things kids say.

  2. Oh that is so funny! I love "upside down six".

  3. Watching the clock to see when the kids can go to school is always an adventure. Love this sweet conversation


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