Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our trip: Part Eight: More cruising adventures

I know we are all sick of my travel log, but for some reason I keep my blog more updated than my journal or scrapbooks, so if I get it done here, good for me!

Some other excitement on the cruise ship:

Search and Rescue:

Our captain came over the speaker and announced that we had been commisioned by the Coast Guard to go help a boat that had been capsized and we were the closest ones to help them.

When we got there all we could see was a smoke from the flare. The Coast Guard was there by the time we got there and we saw the helicopter rescue three people and then fly over our ship.

Talk about scary. The people were in the water for about 2 hours and they were in good medical condition.

It would have been even more exciting if we had had to lower a rescue boat or something, but that was entertaining if not terrifying.

Kitchen Tour:

We got to take a kitchen tour and see where all of that food was made. That was interesting.

The grand buffet:

The big buffet was pretty amazing as it took 200 man hours to prepare. We got to take pictures first, and then come later and eat. The appetizers were all a little weird, but the desserts were good of course!

For other entertainment we took a Disco Line Dancing class with Butch, our cruise director. We were in the back and then he announced that he wanted the guys to do it by themselves. Tristan tried to sneak off, but Butch caught him and put him in the front. And it was videotaped and replayed for the rest of the cruise. We were stopped by a black guy who told Tristan that he didn't care whatever everyone else thought, Tristan had moves!

We also enjoyed the comedians, and magic shows. Very fun cruise!

We got cute little towels animals in our room every night!

The water slide was only open for one day too, but it was a fun slide.

Don't worry, tomorrow you just to hear about getting home and then I'm done!

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  1. I'm the same way about my vacations. I just want to post all the details, cuz this is my journal. How fun to get a tour of the kitchen. All that food looks yummy! This is making me want to go on a cruise with Jack. Looks like fun.


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