Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our trip: Part Nine: Coming Home

Well, after two weeks of fun, we were ready to come home. We got onto our plane in Orlando and as soon as we sat down, we were told that the government wasn't allowing planes into Atlanta and we had to wait 15 minutes, then 30 minutes, then 20 minutes, until we had spent two hours on the plane without taking off.

It was very hot and stuffy. People were getting restless, but they told us that as soon as our stop was lifted from the government, we would take off with or without you so get off at your risk. We stayed.

Then we reached the Atlanta area we were in a holding position in the air for 40 minutes. Then when we finally landed we were in a huge line of airplanes to get to the airport.

So our 1 hour flight turned into 4 hours. So we rush over to where the next plane to SLC takes off, and there are no workers. Tristan waits in line for 45 minutes and finally someone shows up.

The worker announces that there are 50 stand-by people for 18 seats. We thought we were doomed. He finally talks to the guy and "Phew!" we not only got seats, we got 1st class seats!

We are feeling really grateful when other people in line and are told that they aren't getting a seat until 2:00 the next day, and the airline wasn't paying for accomodations because it was weather related.

1st class was pretty nice. We had a water bottle, pillow and blanket waiting for us. They also had a basket of snacks that we could have as much of as we wanted. We felt a little bad for people with kids and old people with canes hobbling past us in 1st class, especially since we paid $7 for the seats!

Anyway, we were so grateful to be home and not having to spend the night at the airport.

It was a wonderful trip, and now we are off the another adventure in Phoenix!


  1. That that flight home doesn't sound fun. I don't have patience for things like that. You are really starting to make me not want to travel the more I hear ALL the details of your trip. Have fun in Phoenix.

  2. Ok I finally read all the posts from your vacation and it sounds like you had a lot of fun. There are always those few little things that happen that are fun to tell. It never dampers the fun though. We stayed on the bottom deck and never had any problem with drunks. Must've just been luck of the draw.


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