Friday, September 12, 2008

Our Trip: Part 3: Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

Animal Kingdom

The third day we visited Animal Kingdom, which is waaaay more than a zoo!

They have two Broadway worthy shows (Lion King and Finding Nemo) that are

incredible! We also enjoyed the backward roller coaster and the jungle safari!

Part of the Parade:

Animal Kingdom is a very pretty park!
We got a little wetter than we would have liked on the rapids ride. It is so humid thatyou don't dry either!

Lion King Show:

Hollywood Studios

The day after we got back from our cruise we spent about 13 hours in Hollywood Studios.

We loved all of the shows, especially the nightime one. You can't even describe how awesome it is!We got to ride the new Toy Story ride 3 times. This shows how even waiting in line can be entertaining!

Jedi training: Brandon was so jealous!

He just couldn't resist.
Indiana Jones stunt show:

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  1. Super Cute pictures Julie. I love how you photoshopped you and Tristan to be sitting next to each other, in the other post. That was great. Looks like you guys had so much fun. I've never been there, and now I want to go. Glad you guys had a fun time together.


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