Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our trip: Part Two: Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center

Magic Kingdom

We went to the Magic Kingdom on the day we flew in, and despite the heat and humidity we had a lot of fun. The Magic Kingdom is basically what Disneyland is, and there is a very magical feeling there!

Hanging with Minnie and Walt:

They had a parade and fireworks, just because we were there!

A quick shot on Pirates of the Caribean, right before we got told no flash photography!
Epcot Center

The next day we went to Epcot, which has my favorite ride Soarin' Over California (they have this at California Adventure too). It was nice to explore all of the countries without the kids. (That wasn't their favorite part last year!) Tons of good fun and I got a cute bracelet in Mexico.




Test Track:

Now I have to show off my Photoshop skills. Since it was hard to get pictures of us together, I took two seperate pictures and made this picture. (That's why it looks like we don't like each other!)

Our trip to Epcot wouldn't be complete without some delicious pastries from France!

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  1. i've been wondering how your trip went - i was watching the weather (along with the rest of america) - i'll check your blog for more stuff about your trip. k-thanks-bye


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