Friday, September 12, 2008

Our trip: Part Four: Cruising

Well, after playing hard at Disneyworld we finally made it to our cruise.
We were immediately dissapointed when they first thing they did was hand us a paper that said we weren't going to the Bahamas because of hurricanes.
Yes, we would rather be safe than dead, but that was also most of the reason we booked the cruise!

Now a word on hurricanes! Would we go on another cruise during hurricane season?

No, probably not. We watched the news every night and saw that we were always ahead or behind a hurricane. We would say, hey we were there two days ago and now there is a hurricane there! We would pray, but with all of the "drinking and dancing" going on our cruise, I wasn't sure if we would be saved!

Someone was watching out because we were fine, (despite everyone at home worrying about us). It was a little rainier than we would have liked, but we'll take some rain over being at the bottom of the ocean!

So we got 2 1/2 days at Sea, then 2 port days, then 2 1/2 days back at sea.
Here are some random pictures of our cruise:

The Lobby:

The hot tub in the middle of the gym:

Joseph, our super-charged matre' d! He was quite a character.

Leaving from Port Canaveral. Sparkly Night: (Thanks for the clothes Joy!) Ice carving demo:
We decided that if we were going to eat all of the food, we better exercise. (At least for a few minutes) More sparkly nights:
It was so windy the mini-golf was only open one day!

We also learned that we were a little out of our element on our cruise. We heard about the drinking, but we had no idea we would get nighttime drunks coming to our room. (I guess that's what you get for being cheap and staying on Level 1.) The first night at about 4:00 a.m, there was a guy right outside of our door who was drunker than a skunk. He was ranting and raving about how he already spent his $150 on booze and how he was on international waters and they were going to throw him in jail. A lady opened her door and in her southern accent said, "You get on and now and hush?" Did this deter our drunk, no, he replied, "She just told me to hush!"

He returned the next night about 2 or 3 times making throw up noises and carrying on.

Then two nights later we got a knock at our door at 4:00 a.m. She wouldn't stop knocking so Tristan finally opened the door.

Drunk woman: "I'm so sorry. I'm so drunk and can't find my room or my friend."

Tristan: "It's Ok, it's not your fault."

Drunk woman: "I can't find my friend."

Tristan. "Why don't you go to the lobby on level 3 and they can help."

Then less than 20 minutes later, knock knock!

Tristan uses the peep hole only to find the same woman only this time she is eating pizza!

I roll over and shout, "This is not your room!"

Drunk woman. "Oh, Ok!"

Tristan really should have opened the door and grabbed the pizza before he kicked her out!


  1. Julie, your drunk people stories are cracking me up. Yeah, that pizza sounds good right about now. Love the sparkly nights and all the pictures on the cruise. Big bummer you didn't get to go to the Bahamas. Did they do anything to make it up to you??? Looks like it was fun. Thanks for all of the pictures and details.

  2. Funny stories, but also scary stories. Now you are making me not want to travel. I love your new blog background.

  3. "This is not your room!" haha! That cracks me up! Why do people drink again? I don't get it.


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