Monday, September 15, 2008

Our trip: Part Seven: St. Maarten

You could tell that St. Maarten was a wealthier island. We took an air-conditioned bus tour around the island and swam in the ocean. This time it was raining a lot at the beach so most people on our tour was huddled up in the bar during beach time, but I wasn't coming this far to hang out at a bar.

So, we swam in the rain. At least it didn't bring out the European style sun-bathers which is acceptable in St. Maarten!

After we went shopping, and Tristan took me on a wild goose chase through swamps and iguanas to find a certain store. It was an adventure!

From the very wealthy-- To the poverty:


  1. You got some of those nice beach pictures that people who travel have. I need some of those. J/K

  2. Oh yah, how many parts are there to this trip? You sure were gone a long time and got to see and do a lot of things.

  3. We were supposed to have 3 ports, but the Bahamas got cancelled so we went to these Virgin Islands. I've never been one to have those "traveling pics" either until now.
    Looks can be deceiving though because that pic with us and the Palm Trees was actually the dirtiest beach we saw and the sand was half broken seashells. It made a nice pic though!
    Yes, Jana you do need some traveling pics in your life!


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